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GNSS Living Lab Prize

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Starting Position

Living Labs are User Driven Open Innovation Platforms where stakeholders have formed a Public-Private-People-Partnership (PPPP) of firms, public agencies, universities, institutes and users all collaborating for creating, prototyping, and validating new service-products and societal infrastructures in real-life contexts. Currently 370 Living Labs are grouped under the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).
Initiated in line with the FP7 project GAINS (Galileo Advanced INnovation Services) this dedicated GNSS Living Lab prototyping prize, aims at facilitating the emergence of User Driven Open Innovation Demand for services and applications enabled by satellite navigation technologies.


The GNSS Living Lab Prize calls for developers and users to submit proposals for GNSS-related products and services that are ready to be tested and ideally implemented in a suitable Living Lab. To compete for the GNSS Living Lab Prize, participants must have a prototype available, as a set of finalists will be invited to demonstrate their working prototypes to a panel of experts. Furthermore, all those who enter to win this prize will need to point out how their product or service will benefit from user validation in a Living Lab.

Prize 2016

The GNSS Living Lab Prize will reward one or more winners with the opportunity to conduct a "reality check trial" in a suitable Living Lab along with relevant user communities and potential future customers. The winning innovator(s) will thus benefit from the chance to validate their idea, conduct user-oriented engineering of their product or service, develop their entrepreneurial team, and intensify their network of industrial relationships. Four Living Labs with different focus topics (media or health) are available to conduct a reality check trial with a suitable candidate. Support services may be provided by one or more Living Labs depending on suitability of the winning project.

GNSS Living Lab Prize Partners
These Living Labs are available to conduct a reality check trial with a suitable candidate. Find out more about their respective profiles, focus topics, and the services they offer.

Living Lab Focus Topic Located in
Digital Spaces Living Lab (DSLL) Media Sofia, Bulgaria
Integrative Usage Lab (IUL LUTIN) Media Paris, France
Digital health Lab, SICS Swedish ICT Health Kista, Sweden
espaitec Living Lab Open Topic Castellón, Spain


Luke Robinson, Michael Castle
GoWalk - 'Fitbit' for Elderly People to Keep them Independent and Healthy

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