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GSA: The most innovative application idea for Galileo Initial Services

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Starting Position

The European GNSS Agency (GSA), a European Union agency, is working with the European Commission on a range of activities aimed at helping European entrepreneurs and businesses - especially high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), business incubators, and related networks - build their applications using positioning, navigation and timing data delivered by Galileo and EGNOS. GSA's market development and promotional activities help ensure that European industry maintains a competitive edge in the global satellite navigation marketplace.

Galileo will work seamlessly with other GNSS systems on consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, in-vehicle navigation and many others, improving positioning availability and accuracy. 2016 is on track to be a breakthrough year for Galileo when Initial Services are declared and it moves from development to initial operations.


In this historic moment when, for the first time, navigation devices will start to receive global navigation guidance from European satellites, the GSA is looking for bright ideas to use the Initial Galileo services in the most innovative way, creating benefits for users and society. The 'GSA Special Prize for the Most Innovative Application Idea' will focus on applications leveraging Galileo Initial Services. The participating proposals should meet certain basic criteria like the use of European GNSS as the primary means of positioning. Moreover, the ideas should be technically operative, innovative and address the market potential thus contributing to the adoption of Galileo. The ideas will be ranked according to the following criteria:

  • Innovative approach over existing solutions
  • Commercial feasibility
  • Use of European GNSS signals and services
  • Contribution to the market uptake of Galileo
  • Technical / operational feasibility, including maturity of the idea
  • Demonstrations/Market trials for technology validation

Prize 2016

The winner will have the opportunity to develop their idea at a suitable incubation centre of their choice within the EU28 for six months, with the option of a six-month extension based on evaluation after the first period. Additionally, the winning idea will have the opportunity to showcase their idea at the official Galileo Service Declaration Ceremony in Brussels, when Initial Services are announced to the world.

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Voices from previous winners

GSA Special Prize Winner 2013 starts incubation at ESA BIC Noordwijk

On 1 February 2014, the Dutch start-up Johan started its incubation at ESA BIC Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Johan founder Jelle Reichert was presented with the GSA Special Prize in 2013 by Carlos des Dorides, Executive Director of the European GNSS Agency, at the prestigious ESNC Awards Ceremony in Munich. Johan is also the name of the company's system, which will facilitates real-time tracking of players during field sports through the use of satellite navigation. It will create a comprehensive basis that will help athletes and coaches at every level to elevate their game. More


Achilles Tripolitsiotis, Asst Prof Panagiotis Partsinevelos, Prof Stelios Mertikas
Drones2GNSS - the Future of Surveying: UAV-assisted GNSS Positioning in Obstructed Environments

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