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Valencian Community / Spain

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Prize 2016

The regional winner of the 2016 Valencian Community Challenge will be offered a complete 12-month incubation programme at any of the five Valencian Science Parks.
This will include the following services*:

  • Access to office and facilities at a reduced rate
  • Business coaching and training
  • IPR and patent consulting
  • Support for market and feasibility studies
  • Technical support
  • Access to testing facilities
  • Marketing support
  • Assistance in product and prototype development
  • Access to experts
  • Access to public funding or venture capital
  • Software licenses
The prize also includes travel and accommodation for the ESNC Awards Ceremony.

In addition, the first and second runners-up will also receive a complete six-month incubation programme at any of the five Valencian Science Parks.

* Not all of these services are available at every Science Park.

Valencian Community

The Valencian Community and its over five million inhabitants constitute the fourth-most populous of Spain's autonomous regions. Its three provinces - Valencia, Castellon, and Alicante - offer a wide range of exciting business opportunities. With a competitive communications network, modern infrastructure, quality industrial land, skilled entrepreneurs, and a proactive workforce, the Valencian Community is the ideal place for companies to settle and develop. The region also occupies a key geostrategic position for commercial interconnections: As an intermodal logistics platform, it serves as the freight gateway to the Iberian Peninsula, the Mediterranean countries, and the rest of Europe.

The Valencian Community boasts many characteristics attractive to investors. Its prime location, for example, features an exceptional Mediterranean climate and unique natural advantages. The high-speed railway also provides connections to the capital of Spain and the port that handles half of all the containers involved in the country's foreign trade. The region's modern economy, meanwhile, generates 64% of its added value in the service sector. Along with transport, logistics, and trade, tourism is also a primary activity in the Valencian Community, which welcomed seven million visitors to its pristine beaches and rich interior landscapes in 2013 alone.

Finally, the region is home to numerous universities, bilingual and international schools, and technology centres and science parks offering advanced services in R&D. Having experienced an enormous boom over the last 15 years, the Valencian Community plans to keep on growing and becoming even more open and appealing to the rest of the world. www.comunitatvalenciana.com

Regional Organiser
Val Space Consortium

Val Space Consortium (Consorcio Espacial Valenciano) was created in March 2010 with the aim of combining all of Valencia's efforts in the space sector in order to increase their impact and international competitiveness. Composed of Generalitat Valenciana, the city administration of Valencia, Universitat Politècnica de València, and Universitat de València Estudi General, Val Space Consortium carries out scientific research and technological development services in any field related to the space sector, including in increasing safety and quality in the production of space systems. Through its collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and other Spanish and international institutions, Val Space Consortium seeks to promote activities and provide services to facilitate Europe's economic and social development in the space sector. More: www.val-space.com/?lang=en

Regional Partners

The Valencian Science Parks are tasked with fostering the creation of clusters of public and private companies in order to promote the generation of scientific and technological knowledge, boost technology transfer towards the business sector, and provide added-value services to the companies linked to their ecosystem of innovation. They are situated in urban areas used exclusively by specialised entities committed to research. The Valencian Community is home to five Science Parks that comprise the Valencian Science and Technology Parks network (repCV repcv.net). These parks are involved in the European Satellite Navigation Competition in collaboration with Val Space Consortium:




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Ricardo Verdeguer Moreno, Hilario Pinedo Puig
Handling Stations Network for UAS Applications

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Val Space Consortium
Mr David Argilés
Ciudad Politecnica de la Innovacion
8G building - access B - floor B
Camino de Vera s/n
46022 - Valencia

+34 (0) 96 20 51 405

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