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Photo: Panorama view of Swiss Alps from Zurich Airport (with airplane in the front)

Prize 2016

The Swiss regional winner will receive a cash prize worth CHF 2,500, along with the option to invest the money in the ongoing development of the winning idea and / or to cover the expenses involved in travelling to the Awards Ceremony.


Switzerland, in particular Zurich is one of the world's strongest economic locations, offering attractive conditions for companies, an excellent telecommunications infrastructure, and leading educational institutions. A recent renewed increase in immigration has confirmed that the region's level of attraction for both people and firms remains high. In Switzerland, innovation is seen as the key to success - measured in terms of growth, prosperity, employment, and quality of life - at every level of the economy and society. Relative to its domestic production, Switzerland is well ahead of the European curve with regard to R&D investment and the share of R&D expenditure borne by its private sector (73.7%). Switzerland, in particular Zurich have a deep pool of labour in industries with excellent innovation potential. Even in the market for cutting-edge products, the region more than holds its own and achieves a high degree of value creation intensity. Of the products Switzerland exports to international markets, 73% are innovation-intensive. The Nidwalden / Lake Lucerne area is the home of the Swiss aviation and aerospace industry. Thanks to their focus on value creation and technology, the traditional industrial locations in this region maintain an excellent position on the global stage. www.location.zh.ch // www.nw.ch

Regional Organiser
swiss aerospace cluster

swiss aerospace cluster facilitates the transfer of knowledge and technology in Switzerland's aviation, aerospace, satellite navigation, and supply industries by working with companies and cooperating with technical colleges, research institutions, government authorities, the European aerospace clusters, the European Space Agency (ESA), and with related organisations from other countries. At the moment, swiss aerospace cluster is supported by the cantons Zurich- as well as by Swiss-Global Enterprise with regard to its export platform - with funding from Switzerland's economic stimulus programme.

swiss aerospace cluster maintains a communications and export platform on the Internet. This both ensures a coordinated market presence together with other partners of the aerospace industry - thus strengthening Switzerland as an important industry location - and provides a simple and effective means of communication and cooperation to interested parties in the aerospace sector.

Regional Partners
Swiss Space Office

The Swiss Space Office, of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Education SERI, is the main administrative body in charge of space affairs within the Swiss Confederation. It represents Swiss interests at the European Space Agency ESA as well as with regard to other ESA member states and serves as an interface between ESA and Swiss scientists, researchers, industries and users. The Swiss Space Office supports the development of space technologies and applications based on space data and infrastructure through a variety of national and international initiatives like the programs of the European Space Agency or the participation in the European Satellite Navigation Competition.
These measures are embedded into the Swiss Space Implementation Plan within Education, Research and Innovation for 2014-2023, a ten-year plan which aims to strengthen an innovative and competitive Swiss space sector and encourages the use of space-based services and applications by public and private actors. www.sbfi.admin.ch/space

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Dr Aanjhan Ranganathan, Hildur Olafsdottir, Prof Dr Srdjan Capkun
SPREE: A Spoofing-Resistant GNSS Receiver

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Swiss aerospace cluster
ETH Zurich / Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry
Mr Alain Geiger
Robert-Gnehm-Weg 15, HPV G 54
CH-8093 Zurich
+41 (0) 44 633 32 44

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