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Photo: Connecting Sweden and Denmark (Malmoe and Copenhagen) this bridge is one of the longest of it‘s kind in the world. © Johan Ramberg

Prize 2016

The regional winner of the 2016 Sweden Challenge will receive a prize package offered by Future Position X, the European Space Agency's ESA BIC Sweden and Lantmäteriet (The National Land Survey of Sweden).

The prize offered by Future Position X includes:

  • A trip incl. travel accommodations to the Swedish ESNC Awards Ceremony in Uppsala, Sweden on 4 October as well as the international ESNC Awards Ceremony in Madrid, Spain on 25 October
  • Note: This prize is limited to Swedish citizens and Swedish technology start-ups that are registered in Sweden when they enter the competition
The prize offered by ESA BIC Sweden includes:
  • First step, counselling hours provided by the partners of ESA BIC Sweden which are either the Arctic Business Incubator (ABI) in Luleå, UIC in Uppsala or Innovatum in Trollhattan


Sweden is breathtaking landscapes, snowy winters, rainy summers and endless sunshine. A century ago, Sweden was among the poorest nations in Europe. It's a small country, home to just 0.13 per cent of the global population. Yet today, it is a world leader in innovation. The Innovation Union Scoreboard 2010, an index published by the European Commission, ranks Sweden as the leading country for innovation among EU member states. Reasons for this include a historic tradition of inventors, a commitment to gender equality, and a strong belief in the individual. Close collaboration between research institutes and the private and public sectors is another key factor, setting the foundation for global Swedish companies like AstraZeneca, Ericsson, and Volvo. Innovation is closely linked to research and development. Sweden is one of Europe's top three spenders in this area, investing 3.6 per cent of GDP in R&D in 2009. Compare this with the EU-wide target of 3 per cent GDP investment by 2020, and it's clear that Sweden is ahead of the game.

There are 9.9 million people in Sweden, of whom about 2 million are under the age of 18. 85 per percent of them live in cities. Sweden is a very multicultural country. 15 per cent of Swedes were born in another country, while about one in five children in Sweden has a family with roots in another country. The capital of Sweden, Stockholm, is also the country's largest city, with more than 850,000 inhabitants. Other large cities are Gothenburg, in western Sweden (population 532,000), and Malmö (population 300,000) in the south. Uppsala and Lund are well known university cities. Less than three per cent of Sweden's land area is built up and forests cover 69 per cent of the country.

Swedes study and work hard but they also take their rest and relaxation seriously. So the fika - a coffee break that normally consists of coffee or tea, cookies or sweet buns, but can also include soft drinks, fruit and sandwiches - is a social institution and an important part of the national culture. You can fika (it's a verb as well as a noun) with your family or on your first date.

See the Sweden film: sweden.se/society/thisissweden

Regional Organiser
Future Position X

Future Position X is one of Europe's leading cluster organisation and a well-known and attractive global center for innovation in adaptation of geographic information technologies for the smart city and individual health. Future Position X is based in Gavle region in Sweden and runs an internationally recognised cluster within Geographic Information where knowledge and excellence breeds innovation and business development. Future Position X creates an exciting environment that boost innovation and generates internationally competitive companies. More at www.fpx.se

Regional Partner
ESA BIC Sweden

ESA BIC Sweden is supporting partners within the aerospace sector, including industry, academia, centres and agencies that will offer access to technological support. A loan scheme through the financial partners of ESA BIC Sweden will be offering several different alternatives to the start-ups hosted. More at www.esa-bic.se


Lantmäteriet maps the country, demarcate boundaries and helps guarantee secure ownership of Sweden's real property. The main purpose of geodesy is to determine co-ordinates for the location of points on the Earth's surface in geodetic reference systems, elevations referred to reference surfaces and gravity values. Lantmäteriet is responsible for the national infrastructure by establishing and maintaining the geodetic networks as well as the national reference system in three dimensions and on the plane, in height and gravity. To secure height measurements using GNSS, they are also responsible for the geoid model SWEN08_RH2000. They provide services for subdivisions or changes in land boundaries, handle applications for registered ownership and ensure that registration of ownership is done in the real property register. More at www.lantmateriet.com

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Therese Öhman
Positioned Production and Management

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Future Position X
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801 33 Gävle
+46 70 534 12 38

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