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Prize 2016

The regional winner of the 2016 Poland Challenge will be offered:

  • A total cash prize of at least PLN 5.000 (approximately EUR 1.250)
  • Access to space sector start-ups acceleration programme with possibility to receive EUR 12.500 for R&D activities
  • The opportunity to secure investment, up to EUR 500.000
  • Six months of office space and services on place, worth EUR 1.500 (for two people)
  • Internships at companies involved in GNSS, GIS, and the wider space industry
  • Business, technical, and scientific consulting provided by Polish Space Agency, organizers and partners of 2016 Poland Challenge, worth in total EUR 5.000
  • Marketing and networking opportunities
  • Travel and accommodation is provided (up to EUR 500)


With over 38 million citizens and more than 300,000 square kilometres, Poland is one of the biggest and most populous countries in Europe. The country spreads from the Baltic Sea down to the mountains in its southern region. In addition to several urban areas with over 500,000 inhabitants, Poland boasts a number of places virtually untouched by civilization.

Poland is also one of the biggest markets for IT, mobile, transport, and entertainment products and services within the European Union. It has a very vibrant investment scene with an increasing interest in funding new applications and technological solutions. Having joined the European Union in 2004 and become a European Space Agency member state in late 2012, Poland is now able to realise, fund, or co-fund several space-related programmes.

Regional Organiser

Blue Dot Solutions
Blue Dot Solutions (BDS) Ltd. is a Polish space SME composed of MSc and PhD graduates from various engineering and scientific backgrounds. Thanks to its years of combined experience in space technologies and business, this interdisciplinary team is able to offer a broad range of engineering, B2B, and consulting services to the Polish space sector. Since 2010, BDS representatives have been participating regularly in the biggest industry events, such as the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) and the European Space Policy Conference.

Blue Dot Solutions' services are mostly related to projects conducted for the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the European Commission (within the Horizon 2020 calls concerning space, ICT, and security). Further information on the company's portfolio is publicly available at www.bluedotsolutions.eu. In addition to developing its own products based on EO and GNSS data in cooperation with finalists from previous ESNC editions, BDS owns the biggest Polish website dedicated to space news, named Kosmonauta.net.

Black Pearls VC
Black Pearls VC is the biggest venture capital company in northern Poland. The team specialises in capital management and invests in companies that are in the early stages of development. Apart from investing, Black Pearls VC's consulting activities support companies, public administrators, and the science sector with the necessary knowledge and experience. It also provides potential for private funding, indispensable expertise, and quick and international growth. The company's results are visible in its efficiency and work ethic: so far, it has obtained PLN 170,000,000 in capital for its clients. Black Pearls VC is also coordinating a Horizon 2020 project called POSITION, which focuses on supporting the development of Polish GNSS applications.

Regional Partners

Polish Space Agency
After the decision was made to locate the agency in the city of Gdansk (northern Poland) in late 2014, the Polish Space Agency (Polska Agencja Kosmiczna, POLSA) then commenced operations in early February 2015. The first director of POLSA is Professor Marek Banaszkiewicz, who was previously associated with Poland's Space Research Centre. The agency's goal is to conduct tasks in the field of space research and apply the results to technology developments envisioned for Polish industry, state security, and science.

Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu SA
The Industrial Development Agency JSC (IDA JSC) is a state-owned company that has been responsible for responding to the vital needs of the Polish economy since 1990. The IDA focuses on three main pillars of activity: innovations, restructuring, and investments. The agency provides incentives for industrial development by creating a coherent support system that brings business and science together, finances restructuring processes and innovative projects, and enhances the asset value of the businesses promoted.

Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości
The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) is a government agency that has been supporting the development of entrepreneurship in Poland for over 15 years. The primary objective of PARP's activity is to promote small and medium-sized enterprises, such as by forming new entities, supporting innovation and international competitiveness, strengthening the competitiveness of Polish enterprises, improving employee qualifications, creating a business-friendly environment, and establishing favourable conditions for business. PARP thus offers entrepreneurs financial, advisory, training, and information support.

Pomorska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna
The Pomeranian Special Economic Zone comprises 24 subzones that span a total of roughly 1,859 hectares in four provinces. By providing conditions that are advantageous to economic activity, it seeks to offer unique opportunities to invest in Poland. Investors, for example, benefit from a tax exemption scheme in accordance with the country's legislation on special economic zones. PSEZ also owns and oversees two flagship projects: the Professor Hilary Koprowski Gdańsk Science and Technology Park (GSTP) and the Baltic Port of New Technologies (BPNT). The GSTP is the home of the Polish Space Agency.

GMV Innovating Solutions
GMV Innovating Solutions Sp. z o.o. was founded in Poland in 2009 as a fully owned subsidiary of the international technology group GMV. The company develops GMV's entire portfolio of activities and performs its own projects with a particular focus on four industries: space, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), ICT, and defence and security. The global aim of GMV Innovating Solutions' activities is to provide solutions, integrated systems, and specialised hi-tech products and services in close cooperation with clients and end-users. Within just a few years, GMV Poland has become a reliable partner and provider of products and services to the European Space Agency, prominent European contractors, and satellite operators.

Creotech Instruments SA
Creotech Instruments S.A. was established in 2008 by three employees of major Polish universities and CERN. With a current staff of 50 people, the company now develops and manufactures electronic systems such as VME and TCA boards, time synchronisation solutions, advanced CCD cameras, embedded computers and other specialised control and measurement systems as well as intelligent power supplies for scientific and industrial applications (e.g. in telecommunications). With support of Agencja Rozwoju Przemys?u (Industrial Development Agency) as a strategic investor, a clean-room facility as well as a production line for electronics was opened in 2014. Currently Creotech Instruments S.A is carrying out eight projects with the involvement of the space industry and seven more projects are in preparation stage including a microsatellite integration project.

ITTI is an ICT company that has been providing services for a wide range of issues related to the practical use of innovative technology since 1996. Its main activities include technical consulting and applied R&D in telecommunications and IT, as well as the development of innovative applications and software solutions. A significant part of ITTI's efforts focus on research projects funded by the EU's framework programmes, the European Space Agency, the European Defence Agency, and national funds, including programmes of Poland's National Centre for Research and Development.


Rafał Osypiuk, Mateusz Spychała
Safe Airspace Sharing Between Manned and Unmanned Airborne Vehicles

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Blue Dot Solutions Ltd.
Mr Krzysztof Kanawka
Olivia Business Centre
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