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Photo: View of Tel Aviv cityscape from across the Mediterranean Sea. © jorisvo / Fotolia.de

Prize 2016

The regional winner of Israel will benefit from the following:

  • Paid travel expenses to the ESNC 2016 awards ceremony
  • Paid travel expenses to one bilateral innovation event organised by ISERD in Europe during 2017 (worth in total up to $3000 USD)
The 1st runner up will benefit from the following:
  • Paid travel expenses (up to $2000 USD) to one bilateral innovation event organised by ISERD in Europe during 2017
The 2nd runner up will benefit from the following:
  • Paid travel expenses (up to $1000 USD) to one bilateral innovation event organised by ISERD in Europe during 2017
The bilateral innovation event will be a platform for meeting European industry players and future collaborators.


A world leader in national investment in research and development, Israel's expenditure on R&D in 2011 represented 4.4% of its GDP, well ahead of the UK (1.77%), the US (2.77%), Japan (3.26%), and Sweden (3.4%), according to data from the World Bank. Israel presents a unique blend of academic excellence, scientific innovation, and entrepreneurial experience in basic and applied research through the various stages of product development. The country's seven universities and its many colleges and government research centres, meanwhile, are leading international academic institutions in such areas as computer science and engineering, electronics, and other sciences. Israel is especially strong in the early-stage development of new projects and transforming innovative ideas into marketable products. This entrepreneurial spirit encompasses a wide range of advanced technology sectors, from information technology and software, communications and Internet applications, aerospace, and new materials to biotechnology and medical equipment, electronics and electro-optics, and safety and security systems. Many commercial developments are spin-offs from leading-edge defence systems developed in Israel. Many of the world's largest companies have established R&D centres in Israel, including Intel, IBM, Motorola, Applied Materials, BMC, Creo, Marvell, Cisco, HP, and Nestle.

Regional Organiser

The Israel-Europe R&D Directorate is an inter-ministerial directorate operated through the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Economy. It promotes the participation of Israeli entities in R&D ventures within the European Research Area. In doing so, ISERD operates in various channels, such as HORIZON 2020, Eureka, binational programmes, EEN, and endeavours co-funded by Israel and the EU. In the EGNIS project - an undertaking funded by the European Commission - ISERD serves as the European GNSS coordinator in Israel. The Israeli Space Agency (ISA) is also a partner in this project. www.iserd.org.il

Regional Partner
Israel Space Agency

Israel Space Agency (ISA) is affiliated to Israel's Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, and coordinates and supervises the national civil space program. Its objectives include establishing national space policy, developing foreign affairs and collaborations with its co-organisations (space agencies and international space related organisations). ISA coordinates scientific research activity and space exploration initiatives that involve Israeli academic institutions and industries. The agency puts emphasis on R&D, especially supports scientific R&D with real economic potential, such as the development of new, innovative and unique technologies. The agency also strives to enable the industry to develop and provide new lines of products and invests in creating and establishing a new generation of scientists in the field of space science and exploration. ISA supports and encourage expansion and growth of space related industries.

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Gady Shlasky, Yossi Aloni
Optibus OnTime™ - Reacting to Bus Delays BEFORE they Impact Passengers

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