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Hesse / Germany

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Photo: Cityscape of skyscrapers at financial district, Main river and tourist boats near St. Bartholomäus Cathedral Frankfurt © maconga / fotolia

Prize 2016

The regional winner of Hesse will receive a EUR 3,000 cash prize provided by Hessen-IT and get comprehensive support to help preparing an application for ESA business incubation.

  • The Centre for Satellite Navigation Hesse (cesah) will provide the winner with business coaching and other expert advice, including IPR/patent consulting.
  • In addition, cesah will promote the winning idea in dedicated marketing activities through its various distribution channels (e.g. website, mailings).
  • Through the involvement of the ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Darmstadt, which is located in close proximity to the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), the winner will also be able to benefit from the technical expertise of our extensive network for satellite navigation applications, precise positioning, and business development.
  • Finally, access to public funding or venture capital can be provided if needed.


Hesse is the fifth largest federal state in Germany and holds the third position with regard to the gross domestic product per inhabitant. Located in the heart of Europe, the region is characterised by an excellent infrastructure with various traffic hubs for air (Frankfurt Airport) road, rail and Internet. The region of Hesse is very strong in logistics, IT, automotive, biomedical, optical and production technologies. Hesse is heavily involved in new media technologies, a considerable amount of IT /software providers are located in Hesse. Hesse is repeatedly the top region in Germany for multimedia. With its high density of innovative IT -companies/enterprises and its unique infrastructure (the central data transfer hub DE-CIX, which carries over 90% of the German and more than 35% of the European Internet traffic is located in Frankfurt), Hesse provides high potential for the development of satellite navigation based applications, services and products. The Hessian Ministry of Economical Affairs supports the development, deployment and usage of new technologies and the technology transfer.

Regional Organiser
Centre for satellite navigation Hesse (cesah)

cesah is a competence, information and incubation centre for Satellite Navigation supported by its shareholders, the Region of Hesse, the City of Darmstadt, and renowned scientific and industrial partners. The ESA Business Incubation Center (BIC) Darmstadt is managed by cesah and is located in close vicinity to the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC). The centre supports the development of business ideas and start-up companies in satellite navigation.

Regional Partner

Hessen-IT is the platform the Hessian Ministry of Economy, Transport, Urban and Regional Development has approved to serve the entire information and communication market in Hesse. Regional multimedia and e-commerce centres, chambers of commerce, trade chambers, and other regional entities all work together within Hessen-IT to secure the state's strong position in the German and European ICT market and make further progress in our information-based society.

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Matthias Siegel, Wolfgang Armbruster
ISOCollect: Predictive Waste Collection Optimisation with Innovative Fill-Level Monitoring & Smart Routes

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