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Catalonia / Spain

Prizes Region Regional Organiser Winner

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Prize 2016

The regional winner of the 2016 Catalonia Challenge will be offered:
  • 100 hrs pack to use CTTC "GEMMA Navigation® Testbed" + "GNSS- IFEN Simulator" with access to related user manuals
  • 20 hrs CTTC research staff support by CTTC Geomatics Division
  • A complete six-month incubation package at ESA BIC Barcelona
  • The opportunity to apply for admission to the European Space Agency's Business Incubation Centre Barcelona (ESA BIC Barcelona) and an additional EUR 50,000 in incentive funding from ESA / Barcelona Activa and their local partners
  • The option to acquire a loan from a cooperating local financial institution
  • A complete patentability study: In light of the prior art - either already known by the client or / and retrieved in a search - ZBM Patents will provide an opinion regarding the patentability of the invention and the scope of protection that can be expected.
The incubation package will include the following services
  • Co-working space and office services
  • Business coaching and support
  • Business training for entrepreneurs
  • Access to experts
  • Access to public funding / venture capital
  • A 12 hours consulting pack, providing the knowledge and experience of Eurania Aviation Advisory Services experts team on aeronautical, technical, and regulatory criteria.
In case the winner application is related with drones, in addition to the ESA BIC incubation the winner may choose from the following services:
  • BCN DRONE CENTER 3 Day Pass incl.
    • 1 UAV
    • 3 participants
    • Access to the Airfield and Airspace (NOTAM)
    • Access to office space, hangar and workshops
    • Field power socket and WiFi
  • 4 hours consultancy services
  • 1 visitor pass
  • 3 vouchers with 25% off in the UAV Remote Sensing Applications Course
The prize also includes travel and accommodation for the 2016 ESNC Awards Ceremony


Catalonia has traditionally had a relevant ICT sector, thanks to a strong consumer electronics presence, a highly competitive software development sector and being one of the biggest industrial clusters in Europe. The region has always offered a dynamic ecosystem that now hosts the Mobile World Capital and the most important technology events in the world as the Mobile World Congress, IoT Solutions World Congress and Smart City Expo and World Congress.
Our businesses, universities, and research centres work with the European Space Agency and have played crucial roles in several programmes such as SMOS, GALILEO, ATV, GAIA, and MELISSA.
The first ESA Business Incubation Centre in Spain, which was inaugurated in Barcelona in 2014, supports start-ups that apply space technologies to develop innovative services and products for everyday life. In 2016 was launch Catalonia Smart Drones, a group of companies, universities and technological centers working together to promote the Drone industry in Catalonia. UPC is also handling the organisation of one of the five ESNC University Challenges, which is being held in Barcelona.

Regional Organiser
Government of Catalonia

The Government of Catalonia is developing SmartCATALONIA, the Smart Catalonia Strategy, which is designed to make Catalonia an international smart region benchmark. It aims to take advantage of the digital technology and information to encourage innovation in public services, foster economic growth and promote a more intelligent, sustainable and integrative society. This strategy goals are to improve the services provided to citizens, thanks to a more efficient and intelligent use of available information in real time.

Regional Partners
ESA Business Incubation Centre Barcelona

The ESA Business Incubation Centre Barcelona (ESA BIC Barcelona) opened in 2014. It is managed by Barcelona Activa and supported locally by renowned public authorities and institutions, including Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona, Consell Comarcal del Baix Llobregat, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Parc UPC, and Caixa Capital Risc. The facility offers support and technical expertise designed to foster the creation of innovative start-ups with products or services based on space technology.

Barcelona Activa

Barcelona Activa is the Barcelona City Council's local development agency and an international benchmark for supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, professional improvement and job creation in its 27 years of operations. Barcelona Activa is member of ESINET, the European Network of Space Incubators.


The Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) is a non-profit research institution resulting from a public initiative of the Regional Government of Catalonia. Research activities at the CTTC, both fundamental and applied, mainly focus on technologies related to the physical, data-link and network layers of communication systems, and to the Geomatics. CTTC has a professional scientific management, a critical mass of researchers and projects, real possibilities of growing and establishing durable links with the industrial and business sectors, and the capacity of leading technological projects, both national and international.

BCN Drone Center

Barcelona Drone Center offers 2,500 ha of segregated airspace to develop Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology in Catalonia. It is open to all companies, universities and individuals interested, where they can safely test an UAV system in all required flying conditions. The 4 ha obstacle free UAV airfield has two main cross runways that allow the UAV operation of any size, being able to take off always against the main wind direction. It also offers other services like training, consultancy, events, certification, etc.

Catalonia Smart Drones

The Catalonia Smart Drones group is a cluster of companies, technological centers and other institutions related to smart solutions with drones industry. It has around 45 members and its goals are to coordinate the different stakeholders, advertise the opportunities and the services that are offered, promote training courses and knowledge transfer, boost research and innovation in the drone field and, in general, promote the drone industry in Catalonia to generate economic growth and new jobs.


Eurecat, Technology Centre of Catalonia (member of TECNIO), brings together the expertise of 450 professionals who generate a volume of income of 36 M€ per year. Serving more than a thousand companies, Eurecat is involved in 160 projects of R&D national and international with high strategic value and has 73 patents and 7 technology companies. It has eight centres in Catalonia and one in Brazil.

Comunitat NewSpace

The NewSpace Community is a regional cluster initiative in the field of space technologies aimed to promote economic activity. To this end, it encourages the creation of new solutions, communicates their benefits to citizens, and fosters the development of innovative services that improve quality of life. It thus aims to be an effective instrument for stimulating projects involving companies, research centres, universities, governments, and other organisations.

Parc UPC

Parc UPC, the Science and Technology Park of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), is a highly concentrated knowledge and technology centre whose mission is to return value to society and promote better quality of life. Parc UPC provides facilities, technological infrastructures and value-added services, all aimed at fostering synergies between research stakeholders and companies and ultimately designed to ensure successful projects and enterprises.

ZBM Patents

Established in 2004, ZBM Patents has a strong team of 25 IP professionals, including qualified European Patent attorneys as well as Spanish Patent and Trademark Attorneys, which are trained and experienced in a wide range of areas such as mechanics, electronics, computer technology, pharmacy, chemistry, and biotechnology. This knowledge and experience, together with the personal attention to their clients, allows them to reach a deep understanding of the technical problems and thus to offer the best advice on patent issues.

Eurania Aviation Advisory Services

Eurania is an aeronautical consultancy which offers to clients comprehensive quality service, applying all of our professional aeronautical knowledge and expertise. They are open to offer the best alternatives and solutions, providing their clients the best technical aeronautical advice to comply with all local and international regulations. The specialisation allows Eurania a broad coverage of the whole sector, allowing us to be able to advise potential clients on a variety of projects.

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Paco Morente, Jesús David Morente, Pablo Ibáñez, Matilde Bellido Rubiales
Biomimetic Drones and Fear as a Sustainable Method of Pest Control

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