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In 2004, we initiated the ESNC together with our visionary partners. Since then, the ESNC has become the world's largest innovation network for the commercial use of satellite navigation. The competition has welcomed more than 10,000 participants in the past years. A total of 3,343 innovative business cases for satellite navigation in everyday life have been awarded within the framework of the ESNC. More than 130 partners, including the most relevant European GNSS stakeholders, support participants in taking the next step with their business cases. They all share a common goal: promoting innovation and entrepreneurship along the GNSS value chain to benefit the citizens of Europe and beyond.

ESNC for Economic Growth

"The European GNSS Agency has been cooperating with the ESNC for the past six years. We are convinced that the European Satellite Navigation competition has provided an excellent platform for promoting EGNOS and Galileo. In addition to helping establish a European Galileo user community the ESNC also provides the gateway to a wide range of unique business applications for the GNSS programmes."

Carlo des Dorides
Executive Director
European GNSS Agency (GSA)

ESNC for Incubation

"As the world's largest space-related ideas competition, the ESNC is an important source for ESA's Business Incubation Centres. Around one-third of all ESA BIC incubatees are generated by the ESNC, which has also helped to foster industry to use our assets. Already now LBS are the main driver of the mobile and mobility sectors - with space providing the infrastructure for this to happen. "

Frank Salzgeber
Head of Technology Transfer Programme Office
European Space Agency (ESA)

ESNC for Expertise

"Just a few of us supported the ESNC's initial efforts 10 years ago, and its success was hardly a given. The team's commitment eventually paid off, however: Its achievements have grown each year, and many companies have been founded or reinforced. Perhaps most tellingly, more and more investors and market actors now want to support the ESNC. It has indeed become a comprehensive network, comprising over 200 experts from various fields. Participants can thus benefit from a broad range of knowledge in the evaluation of their ideas. I'm very proud to have written a small part of this European - and now global - success story."

Jean-Claude Dardelet
Vice President, European Affairs
Thales Alenia Space

ESNC for Industry

"The ESNC has delivered on its great potential as a tool for scouting innovation and promoting our expertise to the relevant GNSS stakeholders. We have benefited from sponsoring the ESNC by receiving innovative solutions to specific industrial needs. We have experienced tremendous interest from the entrepreneurs, and working with the winners has thus far lead to gainful cooperations."

Jurry de la Mar
Head of International Sales, Public Sector
T-Systems International GmbH

ESNC for regions

"Participating as a partner region has finally put Øresund on the GNSS map and helped greatly in positioning our ICT cluster activities. All in all, the ESNC has enhanced our international collaboration and led to a high degree of visibility in Europe and beyond."

Micael Gustafsson
Managing Director
Cluster 55°

ESNC for Innovation

"European satellite technologies are world class. The dynamic and innovative companies driving this sector, creating jobs and prosperity, need protection and support. Patents are a great way to protect this vital industry, raise capital for future projects and share information. This is why we are pleased to support the ESNC and to applaud these inspirational inventors."

Oswald Schröder
Principal Communications Director/Spokesperson
European Patent Office (EPO)

ESNC for Politics

"The market potential for GNSS products is tremendous. Now that Galileo is becoming a reality, it is increasingly important to stimulate the uptake of new businesses. That is why I am grateful for initiatives such as the ESNC, which is supported by the European Commission as part of its application action plan for Galileo, to showcase the most innovative projects and foster new ideas."

Dr Paul Weissenberg
Deputy Director-General, DG Enterprise and Industry
European Commission

ESNC for Research

"Through the ESNC, AZO has successfully generated a unique community in the field of satellite navigation and its applications. It is a source for international collaboration in research and especially new ideas for GNSS based products. DLR as a key player in forward-thinking knowledge in the European aerospace sector and beyond appreciates the ESNC's entrepreneurial spirit towards the markets."

Dr Rolf-Dieter Fischer
Head of Technology Marketing
German Aerospace Center (DLR)



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