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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Requirements

I am not located in or a citizen of one of the partner regions. Can I still participate?
Yes. If you are not located in one of our partner regions, you have to choose the region where you would like to start your business. Please note that if you are named the overall winner, you will have the opportunity to enter a six-month incubation programme in your region of choice.

In what language do I have to submit my idea?
Please submit your entry and all related communication in English.

Do I need to represent a company?
This is not a mandatory field. You can also leave it blank and choose "individual" when prompted for the appropriate form of your organisation.

Do I need a working prototype of my idea in order to enter the competition?
No. A very specific drawing or other image would, however, be very helpful to the experts in evaluating your idea. Please note that if you intend to compete for the GNSS Living Lab Prize, having a working prototype is a criterion of eligibility.

My idea not only includes an application, but may also be a new satellite navigation device. May I enter the competition with an idea for a device, as well?
Your idea may also be a device involving a specific satellite navigation application. If your device is truly brand-new, please do not hesitate to enter the competition.

Is it possible to enter the competition with an idea, but not a business plan?
Yes! The ESNC is an ideas competition, not a business plan competition. Please be aware, however, that providing a better description of your idea will give you a greater chance of winning the competition.

May I join the competition without a patent?
Please note that participating in the European Satellite Navigation Competition and/or publishing your idea during the Awards Ceremony may preclude any protection of your idea (if not recently protected by a patent application). Your idea may become common property. We therefore strongly recommend ensuring sufficient protection of your idea.

2. Registration process

Is there any fee to enter the competition?
No; participation in the competition is free of charge.

Where can I enter my idea and how will I find the ideas database?
At www.esnc.eu, you will find the "SIGN UP" button on top of the page, which is linked to the database. There, you can register and choose a username (your email address) and password for logging into the database to continue developing your idea as often as you like before the end of June.

Where can I find the registration template and what do I have to do next?
Upon your first visit, the registration template will always be the first page of the database. For registration purposes, you have to set up a personal profile first. The database itself is divided into three sections: technical aspects, commercial aspects, and legal aspects. You also have the option of uploading up to two illustrations.

Is it possible to illustrate my idea with a drawing or other picture?
Yes, you can upload two pictures with a maximum size of 3MB each into the database. Only .gif, .jpg, .tif, and .png files are accepted.

How many questions will I find in the ideas database?
A total of about 20 questions have to be answered (varying depending on which prizes you plan to compete for). Some questions are multiple-choice and some questions have to be answered in writing. In total, your entered text will amount to approximately three DIN A4 pages.

How many times will I be able to work on my idea in the ideas database?
The database will be open from 1 April to 30 June, and you may access it as often as you like using the login and password you specify during the registration process.

I have more than one idea. Will it be possible to join the competition with two or more ideas?
You may enter more than one idea using the same personal account (= different new solutions), but are not allowed to enter the same idea in different regions or for different special prizes.

3. Special prizes

Do I need to register for one of the special prizes?
No, you can also enter your idea just for your preferred region. Please note, however, that you will increase your chance to be nominated if you also submit your idea for one of the special prizes.

Is it possible to enter my idea for more than one special prize?
No. You may enter more than one idea, but you may not enter the same idea for more than one special prize or for more than one region.

Where can I find more detailed information on the requirements of the special prize competitions?
For further information please refer to the "Special Prizes" section in the main navigation menu or click on the logo of the respective special prize.

4. Evaluation process

Who will evaluate my idea?
Each region has appointed an independent panel of three to 12 industry and research experts to evaluate the ideas submitted in their particular competition. The ESNC's sponsoring partners have also appointed panels of mainly internal experts to evaluate the ideas entered for their respective special prizes in addition to the regional competitions.

Will the evaluation experts know my name?
The evaluation of the ideas will be an anonymous process in which each idea receives its own identification number. During the evaluation process, the experts will only be able to see this ID. However, some regions or prize sponsors may invite a selected number of finalists to pitch their ideas in person. If you receive such an invitation, your identity will obviously be disclosed. At this stage, however, you will already be nominated as a finalist.

Which criteria will the experts view as essential?

The following criteria are decisive in receiving a good rating:

Benefit and innovativeness of the idea (compared to existing solutions, as well)
- GNSS relevance
- Technological feasibility
- Market potential
- Legal aspects and risks

For a comprehensive list of the evaluation criteria, please go to: Judging Criteria

How long will I have to wait to find out if I am one of the winners?
The final meeting of the international expert panel will take place in September. After this meeting, you will be informed if you have won a regional or special prize. Please note, however, that the winners will not be officially announced before the Awards Ceremony in autumn.

What will happen to my idea if I am not one of the winners?
All of the experts assigned with evaluating the ideas are requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to the evaluation. If you are not selected as a regional winner, special prize winner, or runner-up, your name and idea will not be published or shared in any way. However, the regional management partners and special prize sponsors may still contact you regarding possible further cooperation.

What is the difference between a regional winner, a special prize winner, and the overall winner (GALILEO Master)?
The regional winners will be selected by the regional expert teams, while the special prize winners will be selected by the expert teams of the respective sponsors. The overall winner (GALILEO Master) will be selected from among all the regional winners and special prize winners. This international evaluation will be performed by one expert from each region and special prize sponsor.

Is it possible to be nominated for more than one prize?
Yes; it is possible to win up to three prizes. Participants who submit their innovations for one of the special prizes in addition to the regional evaluation are more likely to be nominated. It is actually possible for a participant to be nominated as a regional winner, a special prize winner, and as the overall winner, the GALILEO Master. E.g. Juliana Clegg, Tom Zamojdo, and Chris Grabowski from MVS California were named regional winner for the USA, winner of the NAVTEQ special prize, and GALILEO Master (overall winner) in 2011.



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